Maja Von Kriegstein

Ísafjörður Sounds


  • Team
    • Hannah Karlson: movement, performance
    • Maja von Kriegstein: sound, performance
  • Date
    August/September 2023
  • Aufführungsort
    Gallerí Úthverfa & Hvers Museum of Everyday Life

Swedish dancer Hannah Karlsson and German musician and experimental theatre maker Maja von Kriegstein both came back to Ísafjörður for a second residency. They enjoy taking time to immerse into landscape, community and language more deeply, to listen, feel, play, go along with – and thus to experiment with the oscillating double role of the artist as someone resonating, reacting within a certain context while also – hopefully, carefully – contributing something new to it.

Hannah and Maja have gotten to know each other this summer and started playing together. Last week they improvised as a duo at the Gallerí Úthverfa (photos: Sonia Sars, Roscha A. Säidow).
On Thursday they will give an insight into their current individual research.
At 5 pm Maja will present her work on Everyday Sounds / Language as Sound / Music in the Life of a Community at Hvers, the Museum for Every Day Life.
Hannah´s performance “No News” – a research into states of waiting, wanting, fear and Carpe Diem – will start at 7 pm at Edingborgahúsið.

Let’s have beers, conversations and a nice walk in between!